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The quality of our products is of the highest importance to us at Mt. Hood Forest Products. Our lumber products are derived from logs harvested in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, a region world renowned for its quality, strength and appearance.

Throughout the milling process we use state-of-the-art optimization systems and controls to ensure the accuracy of each cut as we utilize the entire log. Our by-products which include chips, shavings, sawdust and bark are sold to outside vendors for use in various products such as paper, wood pellets and beauty bark.

The green lumber is sprayed with red end seal which protects the lumber and makes for a quality presentation of the product. All these processes combine to result in a high quality product that benefits our customers and in turn benefits their customers.

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Mt. Hood Forest Products LLC
4865 Highway 35, Hood River, OR 97031
PO Box 600, Carson, WA 98610

Office: 509 427-4222

High Cascade Forest LLC: PO Box 1105, Carson, WA 98610
WKO Sawmill: 2022 Wind River Hwy, PO Box 8, Carson, WA 98610

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